Have you ever gotten into a fight? Can you fight? I mean like fist fight and none of that hair pulling shit? Do you or do you want to know any fighting disciplines (which ones)?

Ive never gotten into a proper fight, it’s all words and bitchyness with girls..
I used to do kickboxing, i did it for a year, however i was awful at it and have never had very good stamina but my boyfriend is surprised by how strong i am. I can lift him up and he’s 6 foot 4, I’m 5 foot 7 hahaha

I’m a lot stronger than I look.

I’d quite like to get into kickboxing again or something similar, my friend said she would teach me krav maga one day :o

Hi, I am Eva! I am lounching my first site, you would make my very happy if you check it out and let my know what you think.. Go to my blog and ENTER MY SITE!! Thank you darling!! :*

It’s a super cute website :) She has some really lovely outfits

you mean you'd have a 3some with girls only?? i want to be your bf and fap while watching. im fapping right now thinking of it.

No I mean I’d have it with my boyfriend and another girl who is a lesbian

i want you to know that you are cute as fuck mama

Mama? Aarti? Is that you bby?

Fancy a threesome, gang-bang, and/or orgy?

Threesome mebby but itd have to be with a lesbian because I get jealous

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all your vocaroo records are gone???!!! i keep getting a msg that it expired or was deleted,

Oh jesus they were embarrassing!!!

opinion on America? opinion on Canada? opinion on Japan? opinion on Russia? opinion on Celebrities? opinion on God? opinion on Love? opinion on the internet? opinion on tumblr? opinion on religion? opinion on my ♥dick♥?

America: Tasty food and cheap shipping
Canada: MICHAEL BUBLE beavers ey
Japan: So. Much. Technology. And weird sex..
Russia: Vodka and tough language
Celebrities: Depends why
God: Proof?
Love: So great when it’s reciprocated
Tumblr: Pretty things and porn mm
Religion: Everyone thinks differently :)
Your ♥dick♥: No opinion whatsoever bby

why do you get bubbly for Bublé? what kind if name is Bublé anyway? Russian!!?

Cause he is a gorgeous man with a voice like velvet mmmmmmmm

(Actually he’s Canadian)

If your life was a novel what would the first seven chapters be titled?

  1. Angry ginger baby
  2. Still angry 
  3. School is never fun when you look this ugly
  4. At least I’m smart
  5. Apparently I’m not that smart
  6. What am I going to do with my life
  7. Maybe I’ll marry a rich man

Wow* :P just think you're pretty

Thank youu! Thats very sweet :)

What? :)

How would you define love and being in love?

I define love as wanting to be a part of someone’s life. You don’t just want to be with them, you want to be a part of them as much as they are a part of you because you cant stop thinking about them. Love is noticing the little quirks they have and liking the fact only you know them. It’s being able to be yourself with them because you know that no matter what weird thing you do or say, it won’t change anything.

Being in love is the gut-wrenching, sickening, headache you get when you think of them with anyone else, but the mix of happiness you get whenever you see them smile, even if you weren’t the reason for their smile. Being in love is wanting them to be as happy as possible, and you find yourself day dreaming about them in normal situations.

I don’t know im just rambling, most of it probably doesnt make sense

could you send me the raspberry whitechocolate cheesecake recipe? :)) looks really good

There you go!! That one made 2 medium cheesecakes for me (I made them in standard cake tons instead) aaand I used more butter for the base than it asked and it still didn’t set the biscuit base so I’d really press it down onto the tray super hard :) hope you enjoy as much as I am haha its super easy

You know how people rent out cottages for the summer; if you could rent out a person life for a set period of time who would you choose? Why?

A person??? I couldnt rent a person cause then it’d feel like the only reason they were around me was cause i rented them

but it’d probably be Brendan Urie because oh my golly gosh